Powerful sides of Secondbrand marketing place

Our firm tried to do all feasible to aggregate the proceeding and best practices of chosen local and tramontane resale web platforms in order to render the Secondbrand apprehension into the most clear, understandable and accessible marketing place for all users. We have made this marketing site a place where any admirer of branded shoes will definitely find stylish and high-quality accessories.

Why do many acquirers pick our marketing platform?

Secondbrand is becoming the choice of a massive quantity of purchasers not in vain. From a usual indie-brand bag to the most uncommon vintage dress or modern footwear, we are ready to easily cater to every need and desire of our shoppers at an unbeatably low charge. If you are interested in brand clothes https://secondbrand.org/ — this is what you were looking for!

Strong sides of our marketing project

Secondbrand suggests visitors an amount of pluses:

• The chance to consciously form any purchase. Acquiring goods in the secondary market, you keep cash, save the planet’s ecology and give goods another chance.
• Total transparency of transactions, trusted dealers. Currently, more than 98% of fine payments have been hold on the market site.
• Purchase security. Money are credited to the dealer’s account just after the client’s affirmation.

Clear benefits for merchants

This trade projects is starting to be the selection of millions of sellers. Wardrobes of well-known sports, pop and movie notabilities, noted bloggers and other influential individuals of modern society are regularly published here. Each merchant values Secondbrand because this marketing platform pledges:

• Complete security of payments. The clients’s funds are blocked immediately after the order is published.
• Assurance of repeat sales. Up to 90% of shopping fans make acquisitions again from merchants with whom they preliminarily collaborated.
• Excellent earnings. The service commission is merely 12%.
• Large number of orders. Each marketer on average sells at least 4 goods per month.
• Easy, convenient and reliable items’ dispatch from more than 42,000 mail offices in Russian Federation.

Market project’s prospects

Secondbrand’s target is to generate a new retail market platform that is sustainable, obvious, safe and ethical. Here are the key platform’s principles:

• Monitoring and authentication. The moderators’ team carefully monitors every attribute published on the market platform.
• 100% commodity fulfillment. The market site guarantees a high-quality delivery solution in the «door-to-door» kind. The security of logistics in Russian Federation is guaranteed.
• All commodities’ images are subject to automatic handling.
• High perspectives for new contributions. The marketplace demonstrates a unique range of buyers and stock stores bidding branded commodities.